Learn How Fortune CRM Can Help Get Timely, Accurate And Actionable Business Insights For Informed Decision-making

Fortune CRM is an “industry specific, prebuilt Business Analytics Based solution”, developed to assist the Small & Medium Enterprises exploit the power of Analytics for their sustained growth in the long term. Having worked for over 30 years in the field of Business Management & Data Analytics, the founders realized that …Continue reading

Ram Challa - January 5, 2020

Can Pre-Built Analytics Help SMEs Optimize Business Performance?

Over the years of operations, SMEs collect large amount of data about their markets, customers, operations and finance, but most often they find it very challenging to get timely and accurate business insights from it to optimize their business performance and increase profitability. Business Intelligence (BI) is the hottest buzzword talked about in every industry …Continue reading

Sai Krishna - February 6, 2020

Business Intelligence for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

In today’s fiercely competitive economic climate organizations require timely access to data and information to help them monitor business performance and make informed decisions to deliver stakeholder value. Typically, Small and Medium Enterprises SMEs are owner managed entrepreneurial companies. Most entrepreneurs make their business decisions based on their past experiences and gut feelings. Some who …

Ram Challa - January 13, 2020

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