Advocate Appointments Software Features

Fortune-Advocate is a Cloud based browser enabled Application that manages all aspects of maaging the appointments of Advocates.

Fortune-Advocate helps general public to search for advocates and book appointments with them. The Second Part of this Software is for Advocates who can manage the client’s seamless Appointments and also take care of their documentations from anywhere and anytime.

Key Features!

Empower the Organisations to become business leaders
Work Alongside customers to resolve business criticalities
Flexibility and Ease of Response
Realtime Information Availability
Low Complexity ( Ease of Use )
Return on Investment and Cost Advantage
Technology Standards
More Productivity and Streamlined processes
Fortune-Advocate is available as a cloud based solution
Fortune-Advocate helps to increase profitability
Fortune-Advocate generates various MIS reports for Analysis
Fortune-Advocate is ISO standards compliant

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