The concept of Artificial Intelligence is the latest buzzword and an alternative to cope with the well-known information overload faced by most organizations. Business technical solutions help organizations transform their raw data into insight and intelligence, which enables stakeholders monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), identify trends and make well-informed decisions.

However implementing a solution can be overwhelming if your business users don’t have a good understanding of the basics. It is difficult to focus on the goals of the project when they are bogged down by unanswered questions – or don’t even know what questions to ask. By providing your team with the conceptual knowledge about AI, you can start your enterprise AI initiative on the right foot.

On-Site Courses

In order to overcome the challenges, we facilitate our clients with highest quality business Analytics (BA) and data science (DS) on-site educational courses delivered by our partners, so each member of your team learns the concepts, best practices, methodology, and strategy required to be successful with your enterprise initiative.

Some of the popular on-site training courses:

  • Data Science using Python
  • Business / Data Analytics
  • Digital Marketing
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Machine Learning & Deep Learning

Online Learning

We also facilitate our clients with comprehensive online education programs in various disciplines of information management. The courses are engineered to create maximum educational value for students, combining relevant content from leading instructors with a cutting edge delivery system. Your users can study at their own pace, listen to the material many times, and test their knowledge through online exams to ensure maximum information comprehension and retention.

Some of the popular online courses:

  • Fundamentals of Business Analytics
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Machine Learning & Deep Learning
  • Data Science using Python

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